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Alfredo Fernández Astigarraga
14:27 15 Apr 23
Formidable tour. Kiley, our tour guide was incredible, knowledgeable and engaged with my kids so they maintained interest the whole tour. Thank you for an unforgettable day.
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Byron McGee
04:06 03 Aug 20
I’ve been on many adventures with these guys and it’s nothing but awesome. There always prepared and professional.
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Gwynne Lee
07:30 05 May 19
The best thing we could’ve done is have Epic One help us with our trip. We were able to do and see so much more than if we would’ve tried it on our own. They had everything ready to go for all our hikes, water, snacks, and all the equipment we needed. We traveled with children and they were excellent with them. We are planning at least 2 more adventures with them. I’d highly recommend them. You can’t go wrong.
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Katherine Minias
16:20 28 Apr 19
My two children (ages 7, 9) and I had a truly amazing day at Zion National Park with our lovely guide Jill. Jill had thoughtfully prepared an itinerary that was perfectly suited to my kids’ ages and endurance. Jill was so flexible and accommodating when the kids (inevitably) took turns having a low moment. She is a wealth of knowledge about the park and surrounding area and knows all the hidden gems! She even had great suggestions for local spots and activities for the rest of our trip. Jill was kind enough to take pictures for us so that we could enjoy our experience in the moment. Our only regret is only booking one day together!
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David O'Brien
15:28 30 Mar 19
The Epic One team did a great job for me and my two sons. They were creative in designing a customized trip to meet our goals for the trip to Zion National Park. They were professional but fun. They were always on time and very flexible to revise plans based on how we were feeling in the moment. The team took great care of for the three day trip. I highly recommend them for your next adventure.
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Ryan Nilsson
19:38 21 Nov 18
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Delmar Mcwillis
02:06 07 Oct 18
Fantastic group..Had great hike around Zions...
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Daniel Dobson
21:13 01 May 18
We did a very challenging canyon in Zions with Epic One Adventures and we had blast! We repelled off a 200 foot cliff, made our way through a canyon full of water falls that we had to climb or repel down, pools of water we had to jump into and swim through in order to make it out, Everyone was laughing and having so much fun! Ryan was our guide and did an amazing job, this guy knows what he's doing and was fun to have on the trip with us. One of the coolest things he did was teach us and showed those who wanted to learn the different knots and techniques for navigating down the canyon safely. Not even 2 weeks after we got home someone else had an accident in that exact same canyon because they didn't have the knowledge and experience, so glad we choose a reputable company that takes every precaution to ensure a safe trip while still having tons of fun along the way! If you think a guide is just for amateurs then think again, you need someone who knows the canyons, water temperatures, weather warnings for flash floods, techniques for helping someone who might get stuck or injured halfway down a repel, etc.. I've been a thrill seeker all my life, bungee jumped off bridges you name it, but I'm so glad we went with this company it just isn't worth losing a friend or family member to save a few bucks and these guys are worth every penny!
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15:15 26 Apr 18
Amazing service. Ryan and staff have an attention to detail like no other!! Safety is top for them. We will continue to use them fo all of our EPIC adventures.
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