, Hiking & Field Guide, Epic One AdventuresEpic One itineraries are created with the client in mind with the intent to give each of them enjoyment, exploration and education in the outdoors. The owners and guides are paid for these guiding services. It is our policy that all guides and clients cooperate in sharing responsibility and meeting the needs of the group as a whole. In an emergency, all will be required to help where needed.

This field guide is designed to provide guidelines for Epic One trips. It reflects Epic One policies and procedures for both clients and guides. In addition to the few mandatory rules, the guide provides general guidelines for the variety of activities Epic One offers. In stating our policies, we also know that no guidebook can substitute for an experienced and sensitive guide exercising careful and thoughtful judgment throughout the trip.


The guide is an owner or hired employee whose experience and judgment have qualified him or her for this position. The guide follows the prescribed itinerary established by Epic One. If the route is not possible to do for any reason, such as inclement weather, the guide will use their best judgment for the day’s activities. The guide has the authority and responsibility for the safety of the group, making sure that the participants of the trip are adequately equipped. The guide may wish to consult with the trip participants, but he or she makes the final decision regarding the group’s safety in any situation.

Ultimately, the point of any Epic One trip should be the fun and full experience of arriving at and returning from the destination – not merely the destination itself. Even the most strenuous expedition is enriched by memories of good conversation, shared experiences, and new friends. Reaching the destination is important, if reasonably possible, but having an enjoyable experience and returning safely rank higher. The guide is in a unique position to shape the quality of the overall experience and promote the safety of the trip.

Epic One Activity Rating System for Fitness Acknowledgement

For the benefit of our clients, Epic One uses a 1-5 rating system to help our clients determine their own physical abilities. 1 is the least strenuous, and 5 is the most strenuous. A rating will be given to each day’s activities.

  1. This would be considered very easy, with very little cardio required. Elevation gain of 300’ or less per mile. Distances of 3 miles or less.
  2. One step above a level 1, cardio might be engaged slightly more. Elevation gain of between 300’-500’ per mile. Distances between 3-6 miles.
  3. This would be considered the middle of the road for any fit person. Cardio is engaged at a steady pace and a 5-10 minute break per hour would be warranted. Elevation gain of 500’-750’ per mile. Distances between 6-10 miles.
  4. You will be pushing yourself at times to 75% of your ability. Strenuous cardio at times. Good endurance is a must. Frequent rest stops are needed. Elevation gain up to 1000’ per mile. Distances of more than 10 miles.
  5. You will be pushing yourself to your absolute limit. Extreme cardio and heart rate at times. Frequent stops to rest and replenish. Elevation gain between 1000’-2000’ per mile. Distances of 10 miles or more.

Epic One Policies

Permits– Epic One will obtain the proper permits and passes for all itineraries. This will be the sole responsibility of Epic One and not the clients.

Guides– At least one guide leading an Epic One itinerary will be certified in both first aid and wilderness first responder tactics.

Waiver– All clients must sign an Epic One waiver. The Waiver must be on file before the itinerary commences. This waiver can be forwarded before our first day, or upon arrival at the first orientation. Signing after the itinerary has begun is unacceptable.

Group size– We will operate on a minimum of 1 guide to every 8 clients. The maximum overall group size is 12.

Age of clients– We will not accept clients less than 10 years of age. All clients 18 and under will require a signed parental/guardian consent form prior to departure. We will not accept clients that are 75 years or older.

Inclement weather– Prior to each day’s activities, Epic One will check the weather report for the day. When possible, software on our cell phones will allow for constant updates. If inclement weather is imminent, the guide will decide if the group needs to continue, abort or seek shelter.

Itinerary review– At the first client orientation, prior to beginning any activity, we will have a thorough review of the itinerary so each client can be well informed and ask any question prior to departure. All policies will also be reviewed at this time.

Daily gear check– Each day, prior to departure, we will do a thorough gear check to make sure each client is well prepared for the day’s activity.

Fitness acknowledgement– Epic One rates its itineraries with a 1-5 fitness scale, 5 being the most strenuous. All clients will sign a Fitness Acknowledgement form giving their consent that they understand the difficulty of the itinerary.

Disengagement of services– Epic One maintains the right to discontinue guiding services for any client at any time if the client is deemed to be offensive in any way to any other client or guide. Choosing to disengage would be allowed for, but not limited to, the following behaviors: drinking alcohol in excess, smoking tobacco or marijuana while on a destination, foul language, destruction of private or public property, theft, not following guide instructions, overtly risky behavior, threatening or intimidating behavior of any kind, disrespecting anyone’s religion, race or sexual orientation.

Client log– Epic One will maintain a client log for every itinerary and keep this log indefinitely.

Incident report– Any negative incidents will be stored in the client log.

Accidents and injuries– Any minor injury worth noting, such as a small cut or abrasion, will be noted in the client log. Any major injury, such as a sprained ankle, broken bone, concussion, or worse, will be reported to our insurance agency within 24 hours, or sooner if possible. Any damage to property such as a vehicle accident or loss of equipment due to theft, will be reported to our insurance agency immediately.

Payment and cancellation– All clients will be required to deposit 50% of the total amount due a minimum of 60 days prior to the first day of the itinerary. Any cancellations prior to the 60 days will receive a full refund. Any cancellations after the 60 days will result in loss of the deposit. Special cancellation requests under the 60 days will be taken into consideration and will be handled on a case by case basis.

Equipment and gear– Epic One will supply all gear needed for canyoneering. Specialty gear needed for some activities such as scuba diving, horseback riding, fly fishing, etc. will be provided on site by our sub-contractors. Epic One also supplies a 30-litre pack for each client to use for the duration of the trip.

Clothing– All clothing and footwear will be the client’s responsibility. Weather conditions at any itinerary can change. Temperatures can vary greatly, especially in mountainous regions. Epic One will provide a clothing check off list for each itinerary. If a client arrives at the destination and does not have the proper clothing, Epic One reserves the right to not allow the client to participate until the clothing situation is resolved.

Food– As part of each itinerary, all meals are included in the price. This includes snacks to carry while on daily activities. Epic One will supply a cache of snacks including granola, protein bars, jerky, etc. and a selection of beverages including water. If the client has special dietary restrictions, it will be the client’s responsibility to supply their own snacks.

Water– Epic One supplies a hydration bladder or water bottle in each pack. This will allow a client to carry plenty of water on their own.
Pace– Epic One guides will do their best to maintain a proper pace for the entire group. If the group begins to be too spread out, an Epic One guide will fall behind the last client. Regular stops will occur to allow all clients the chance to rest. If a client has understood and signed the Fitness Acknowledgement form, but has decided to rest on certain days, no refund is possible for that day’s activities.

Items not allowed– Clients are not allowed to bring any type of firearm. In consideration to others, we also do not allow music or other entertainment devices to be played while on an activity. Smoking is prohibited except in designated areas.

Cell phones– Cell phones are allowed, and are a great asset in an emergency, but we ask our clients to restrict the use of talking on a cell phone while out on activities for the consideration of others.

Respect for others– We will be courteous to others we may encounter. This includes stepping aside for uphill hikers, keeping our volume low, helping others when needed, etc.

Respect for nature– We love the outdoors. It is our responsibility as guides and clients to respect and care for our surroundings. We will stay on trails as much as possible. Deviations can occur as long as we are not damaging the soil or plants. We will not cut switchbacks as this will harm the trail system. No urination in or near a water source. Human waste will be bagged and packed out. No desecration of nature will be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to: carving into trees, scratching into sandstone, breaking limbs of trees, toppling rocks, harming animals, litter, etc. Guides will inform clients if they are in danger of breaking these rules.

Emergency Procedures

Accidents or injuries will be minimized by skillful guides, experienced and prepared participants, and good trip planning. However, they may occur. Epic One guides are required to report all serious accidents. Contact information for the local law enforcement and Search & Rescue will be stored in the itinerary log for each trip.

Lost Client-

  • Determine when the client was last seen.
  • Plan a search party. Determine the areas to be scouted and call loudly, or use whistles. The guide can choose to divide the group and designate a leader in all new groups. No client will search alone and no client will wait alone while the group searches.
  • Designate a time and place to reassemble all search groups whether the lost client has been found or not.
  • If, after the initial search, the client is still lost, the guide will contact the local sheriff or park ranger.

Minor Accidents- A minor accident is one that, in the guides judgment, has been successfully treated on the spot, does not require assistance in evacuation, and will not cause future complications. In such cases, the procedures below for serious accidents need not be followed.

Serious accidents- A serious accident is one that: 1) requires assistance back to the trailhead, or 2) requires assistance in evacuation, or 3) requires hospitalization, or 4) is treated by a medical professional, or 5) results in death. In the case of a serious accident, Epic One will follow the procedures below:

The Guide will lead- The guide is the most important resource to the group in case of a serious accident. He will take the lead of the situation and administer first aid. The guide may organize and assign specific individuals to do certain tasks, by eliciting individual expertise (medical, climbing, scrambling, search & rescue) and utilizing the entire group.

First Aid-

  • The guide will take charge of the situation
  • Approach the patient safely if the terrain is difficult, steep or hazardous, take precautions to avoid further injury to the patient or to others in the group.
  • The guide will perform any urgently needed rescue and/or first aid. Breathing, pulse, and severe bleeding will be stabilized quickly.
  • Protect the patient. Treat for shock if the injury is serious. Keep the client lying down and insulated from the ground. Keep him warm using their own belongings first.
  • Check for other injuries.
  • Once the client is stabilized, plan the next course of action. The client’s condition, size, strength, strength of the other clients, terrain, time of day, and the current location in relation to outside help will all be considered.
  • If possible, call for help from a cell phone, or descend down trail until a signal is located.

Self evacuation or rescue- The guide is the most important resource to the group in case of a serious accident. He will take the lead of the situation and administer first aid. The guide may organize and assign specific individuals to do certain tasks, by eliciting individual expertise (medical, climbing, scrambling, search & rescue) and utilizing the entire group.

The Guide will lead- The guide will determine if the group is able to self evacuate or if help from search and rescue operations is needed. This decision will depend upon the party strength and resources, location and condition of the trail, and the client’s condition.

Sending for help- If it is necessary to send for help, one guide will remain with the group and the second guide with the two strongest members of the party, will return to the trailhead to guide Search & Rescue to the site.

Who to notify- Notify the client’s emergency contact. Epic One will also notify our insurance agency as soon as possible.

Epic One Adventures Clothing Pack List

Zion / Moab-Arches / Bryce-Escalante-Capitol Reef / Arizona

  • 3-4 Tee shirts
  • 1-2 Long sleeve shirts
  • 1 Heavy cotton shirt or pullover/hoodie
  • 3-4 Shorts
  • 1-2 Long pants
  • Swimsuit
  • 1 pair of hiking socks per day
  • Trail running shoes or hiking boots
  • Windbreaker or light jacket
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunblock
  • (2) 32oz water containers


  • 3-4 Tee shirts
  • 3-4 Shorts
  • 1-2 Long pants
  • Swimsuit
  • 1 pair of hiking socks per day
  • Trail running shoes or hiking boots
  • Water shoes / Sandals
  • Windbreaker or light jacket
  • Sweatshirt or hoodie
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunblock
  • (1) 32oz water container

Canada / Switzerland / Italy

  • 3-4 Tee shirts
  • 1-2 Long sleeve shirts
  • 1 Heavy cotton shirt or pullover/hoodie
  • 3-4 Shorts
  • 1-2 Long pants
  • Swimsuit
  • 1 pair of hiking socks per day
  • Trail running shoes or hiking boots
  • Rain gear, top and bottom
  • Light jacket
  • Insulated jacket
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunblock
  • (2) 32oz water containers

Epic One Adventures’ GUIDE First Aid Kit

  • 1 pair latex gloves
  • 10 alcohol pads
  • 20 Gauze Pads
  • 2 SAM Splints
  • 1 ACE Bandage
  • 1 roll athletic tape
  • 1 roll pre wrap
  • 1 roll KT Tape
  • 20 Bandages
  • 2 packages of mole skin
  • 2 packages of glacier cooling dressings
  • 25 Ibuprofen
  • 25 Tylenol
  • 20 Benadryl
  • 20 Imodium
  • 2 Epi-pens
  • Cortisone Cream
  • Neosporin
  • Eye Drops
  • Tweezers
  • Nail Clippers
  • Honey Sticks
  • Small Pieces of Candy
  • Cliff Bar
  • Vaseline
  • 5 tums

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