Epic One Self Guided

We know there are many travelers who prefer a self-guided adventure. If you enjoy route finding, navigation and finding your way, we can help. As experts in the areas in which we guide, we can create a template that can make your self-guided tour more enjoyable.

Self Guided Tours Designed by Epic One

We will design a custom self-guided tour based on your time, dates (if you know them), locations you want to see, and physical ability.

Trail Descriptions

Each recommended trail will be described. This includes visual highlights, mileage, elevation gain and / or descent, and our 1-5 physical ability rating.


We will prepare marked trail maps to go along with your tour.

Alternate Activities

Hiking and viewpoints are always included in your tour, but we also supply a list of suggested alternate activities for each area.

Packing List

We will supply a suggested packing list which varies pending the season and locations.


Selecting the appropriate lodging to make the best use of your time is important. We supply a recommended lodging list for all budgets that will place you in the best locations for comfort and convenience.

Food and Supplies

We will provide you with our restaurant / market guide for each area.


To simplify the process, we can also book all lodging and additional activities for you.

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